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The Elgin Development Group (EDG), a division of the Elgin Area Chamber, was formed in 2010 to strengthen the vital role of economic development for the City of Elgin. The EDG is a unique and historic public-private partnership consisting of the City of Elgin, the Elgin Area Chamber and Downtown Neighborhood Association.

The goals of the EDG partnership are:

  • Provide a solid tax base to support quality municipal and educational goals
  • Improve the quality of life and standard of living for Elgin residents
  • Create a diverse and vibrant local economy
  • Generate desirable employment opportunities

To achieve these goals the EDG Partnership employs proven economic development strategies shaped to meet today’s challenges and economic realities.

The partnership’s Five key initiatives are:

I. Business Retention and Expansion

II. Business Recruitment

III. Enhancing Elgin

IV. Workforce Development

V. Transportation and Development

In addition to the above initiatives, the EDG has strengthened its merchant and small business efforts. Using community partners such as Small Business Development Center, SCORE, Elgin Area Chamber, Downtown Neighborhood Association, Gail Borden Library, Elgin Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and the City of Elgin, EDG has brought together the resources and programs designed to help small businesses succeed.

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