• How do I start a NEW business in Elgin, IL

     If you have a desire to start or grow a small business, then Elgin's Small Business Development Team is the right partner for you. The Small Business Development Team has established in Elgin to help budding entrepreneurs in getting their business set-up and running:

    • efficiently,
    • legally, and
    • soundly!

    Our business experts know the areas that need to be considered if your business is to become a reality and prosper. They are experienced at both starting a business and solving even the most vexing businesses challenges. Where necessary, they have access to an extensive network of other professionals and local officials to help.

    We can help you start and grow your business. Most services are FREE and personalized to your business needs.

    Visit the Elgin Area Chamber's Small Business page (LINK TO EAC SMALL BUSINESS PAGE) to conntect with a Small Business Development Team member.

  • How do I Move or Expand my business in Elgin? Does the City offer any have any incentives or programs that may be of assistance to me?

    The City has economic development incentive programs that may be of assistance to companies desiring to locate or expand in Elgin, IL.  For more information about each of the programs or to see if your business would qualify for assistance, contact us.

  • What is a TIF District?

    A certain geographic area determined to be under appreciated in terms of new development and investor interest. A TIF District allocates increased tax revenue from a point in time until the end of the agreement into a fund for the purpose of encouraging new development. Funds that would normally go to the taxing bodies, e.g. schools, library, city, parks, etc. are used to reimburse investors for making improvements to that particular part of the city. The City of Elgin currently has three TIF Districts:

    • Central Area
    • Bluff City
    • Route 20

    View these on a Map

    For more information about doing business in these districts, contact Michael O'Kelley, Vice President - EDG

  • How do obtain a Federal Identification Number (FEIN)?

    To obtain a Federal Identification Number (FEIN) required for Corporations and Partnerships contact:

    Federal Taxpayer Service
    Federal Building (17th Floor)
    230 South Dearborn
    Chicago, IL 60601

  • How do I obtain a State Sales Tax Number?

    Obtain Your State Sales Tax Number
    If you will engage in a type of retail sales business, you must have a sales tax number (either an Illinois Business Tax Number or a Retailer's Occupational Tax Number).
    You can obtain your sales tax number at:

    Illinois Department of Revenue
    100 West Randolph (Lower Level)
    Chicago, IL 60601
    (312) 814-5258

  • What kind of City licenses do I need to operate my business in Elgin?

    Elgin does require licensing and permitting for certain businesses. Please contact the City of Elgin at 847-931- 6100.

  • How do I get a building permit or learn about zoning in my area?

    Most businesses are only allowed to operate in certain parts of any city.

    Planning and zoning is handled by the City of Elgin Department of Code Administration, a division of Community Development. You can contact them at:

    City of Elgin
    150 Dexter Ct.
    Elgin, IL  60120

    Ph: (847) 931-5920
    Fx: (847) 931-6790

    Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday

    Contact us, to confirm that your business is allowed to operate at the site you have selected or to help you find an appropriate site.

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